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We created Eventstry because we believe there is a better way of organizing your events. Eventstry is a technology company whose app-first approach lets you create any event in the smoothest way possible. Here is how the magic happens:

  • Step 1 
    • Download the app
  • Step 2
    • Select your event and tell us how you want it
  • Step 3 
    • We reach out to you with the plan. Exactly how you asked
  • Step 4 
    • You confirm the plan and then our certified vendors and partners bring it to reality
  • Step 5 
    • Dress nice and enjoy your event. Yes, it’s that simple!

With Eventstry you get access to services like a controlled live stream of the event, website design, chatroom feature, status tracker, payment solutions and so much more.

Give us a try. We promise we won’t let you down!!!

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We believe that even hosts deserve to have fun.


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We are changing the way you host your events. Download our app and get ready to save more, streamline everything and bring useful technologies to your events.

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