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Events, Pandemic And Technology​

Events, Pandemic And Technology

The COVID-19 pandemic has become one of the most important events in human history, and certainly not for good reasons. The loss of human lives caused by the Pandemic is irreparable, but those people who weren’t directly affected by the Pandemic have also had their lives changed in myriad of ways. The Pandemic forcefully reshaped the way we view our lives by making us acutely aware, through extreme tragedy, of the inherent, all-pervasive uncertainty that characterizes our existence. It not only forcefully divorced us from the familiar ways in which we viewed and lived our lives, but it also separated us from our loved ones -whether it be family or friends- without the element of choice. The mechanised nature of modern life often makes us neglect the importance of human connections we hold dear, the emotions we share with each other, and the moments we celebrate together. But the Pandemic, by confining us to our homes, taught us that the special moments we spend with our loved ones are what count the most. The Pandemic also reminded us collectively of the transformative potential technology holds as it allowed us to stay connected with our loved ones virtually in so many ways and fight this uncertainty together with them.


As the world slowly emerges from the shadows of the Pandemic, the Eventstry Team has taken it upon themselves to help people in our own novel way. Eventstry helps people celebrate their special moments with their loved ones by integrating modern technology and event organization in a unique and personalized way. Our aim is to not only take away the hassle of organizing an event and allowing people to have the best of times with their loved ones but also use the power of modern technology to enrich the ways in which personal events can be experienced. People can book fully customized events through the Eventstry app and leave the rest to the Eventstry Team. We find the people who can organise your event exactly to your liking and at highly competitive prices. In addition, we also offer technologies such as live streaming of the event, e-invites, electronic gifts, online guest lists, cloud-based photo hosting, customized website, and much more. Whether it is a corporate event or a small party, a wedding or an intimate date, a get-together or a farewell celebration- we got it all covered. Now is the time to reconnect with our loved ones and make sure that whatever time we get with them, we make the most of it.


Let Eventstry be your friend in this journey and lighten your load by letting you focus on the people and the moments that matter to you. The perfect event is just a click away.